The Holmes Lab

Welcome to the Lab

The Holmes lab is led by Dr. Brandon B. Holmes, a neuroscientist and neurologist who specializes in neurodegeneration. Dr. Holmes is based at the UCSF Memory and Aging Center (MAC), part of the Department of Neurology in the UCSF School of Medicine.

The Holmes lab investigates microglia as a critical regulator of Alzheimer's disease. As the resident immune cells of the brain, microglia are the frontline reporters and executioners of inflammatory activity and injury response in neurodegeneration. We explore how microglia remodel their cell-surface proteome, or surfaceome, in Alzheimer's disease. These novel protein profiles are the basis of new biological discovery and the starting point for engineering the next generation of therapeutics.

Our lab uses a combination of proteomics, functional genomics, iPSC biology, and protein engineering to discover new therapeutic targets and innovate the next class of antibody-based drugs. 

Our Mission

Our core philosophy is to advance patient care. To this end, we believe it is critical to understand the basic biology that underlies disease progression. We start with discovery of novel targets,